Assassin Rifle

A single shot rifle of shady origin

weapon (ranged)

Name: Assassin Rifle

Primary Manufacturer: Blackmarket Only

Damage/Critical/Type: 4d8 / 20 / Ballistic

Range: 100’

Rate of Fire: Single

Magazine: 1

Size: Large

Weight: 11lbs

Special Qualities:

  • Disposable
  • ElectroOptical Scope
  • Fragmenting Round
  • Collapsible
  • Non Standard Materials
  • Tamper Resistent

Purchase DC: 21 (25 for Self Destruct)


The Assassin Rifle is a single shot weapon with a shadowy reputation. Both the original designer and their intended purpose for this weapon are unknown. The weapon became famous after being used to assassinate Counselor Vidan on Center Point Station. While the original rifle was never recovered, knock offs of the original design have since surfaced on the Black Market of dubious quality.

Assassin Rifle

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