Caustic Ammunition

Specially designed ammo that is filled with acid


Ammunition Caliber
Any non-pistol

Damage Type

Special Qualities
Ignores 5 points of an objects hardness
Damages 1 point of hardness on Medium or smaller objects
A person or object struck by Caustic Ammunition will take 1d4 points of acid damage a round for 1d4 rounds.

Purchase DC +3


Caustic Ammunition is not officially sanctioned or deployed by any Military or Police unit within the Incorporated Territories. It is however popular with pirates, raiders and freelancers; and sees deployment in the private contractor and criminal sectors.

Caustic Ammunition is simply a specially designed bullet with a mostly hollow interior designed to carry a small capsule of highly caustic acid in a sealed container. Upon impact the bullet is designed to collapse the acid capsule, thus releasing its scarring payload onto an unexpected target.

Caustic Ammunition is made with an extremely powerful molecular acid, meaning that while its acid payload is quite small, it does a relatively high amount of damage.

Caustic Ammunition

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