High Powered "Counter Situation Rifle"

weapon (ranged)

Name: CSR-9 “Flatliner” (Counter Situation Rifle)

Primary Manufacturer: Grunder Industries

Damage/Critical/Type: 8d8/15-20 Ballistic

Range: 130ft

Rate of Fire: Single

Magazine: 2 – 20mm armor-piercing-fin-stabilized-discarding Sabot (APFSDS)

Size: Large

Weight: 43lbs

Special Qualities:
  • Ignores 10 Hardness
  • Adjustable Fittings – +1 when using Dead Aim
  • Collapsible – Weapons shrinks down into a medium object (+4)
  • Compact – Weapon is Large instead of Huge (+2)
  • Expanded Magazine – Weapon chambers two rounds instead of one (+2)
  • Universal Scope Mount
  • High Reliability
  • Increased Damage Potential – Critical Threat range is increased (+10)

Purchase DC: 39

Ammunition – Modified 20mm APFSDS

Special Qualities
  • Improved Stopping Power
  • Improved Penetration

Additional notes:

The Flatliner’s modified 20mm APFSDS round, is a high powered anti-armor round, capable of inflicting significant harm onto specific mecha-hard points, or well fortified structures and vehicles. The ammo is uniquely chambered, because of its extensive modifications and its fin stabilization system, that it is only compatible with the CSR-9 and no other firearms of similar caliber.

Purchase DC: 26 (4 – 2 pre-loaded cartridges)


The “Flatliner ” fires a highly modified 20mm APFSDS, designed specifically for Anti-Mech and Anti-Emplacement warfare. The weapon is the standard armament of the UEASC (United Earth Alliance Systems Commonwealth) elite Helljumpers. The CSR-9 is an upgraded version of the CSR-6 Anti-Material Rifle (AMR) used by separatist fighters during the Belken Conflict of the late 23rd Century. This newer model see numerous upgrades and improvements over the original, including damage output, magazine capacity, and a reduction in weight and bulk, while still retaining all the lethality and rugged durability of the original. The weapon is easily reloaded through pre-filled 2rd box cartridges that are self ejecting after both shots are fired from the weapon.


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