An older model infantry mecha


Name: IFA Mk III “Pit Dog” (Infantry Fighting Armor)

Class: Medium Support-Type Armored Infantry

Size: Large (-1)

  • HP: 200
  • AC: 13
  • DR: 15
  • STR: 8

Armor: Dura Alloy

+8 Defense; -8 Armor Check Penelty; -10 Feet Speed Penalty


  • Head: Oracle Targeting System Mk II (+2 to Attack Rolls)
  • Back: Cockpit
  • LArm: Bastion Tactical Shield (+6 Defense)
  • RArm: T95 Cavaclade Chain Gun (7d6/20 60 ft range, 350 rds)
  • Shldr: Six 50rd Cavaclade Ammo Belts
  • Torso: Cockpit
  • Boots: Class III Sensor System

The MK III is an older, but still highly popular, IFA due to its rugged reliability and simplistic controls. Though its equipment isn’t top notch, the unit itself remains popular for smaller colonies and governments who can’t afford newer more expensive Mecha, but are looking for a unit that is both affordable and functional. Its nickname comes from the battle for the colony world Treis IV, where the hardest and bloodiest conflicts were fought deep in the mining pits where larger more conventional Mechs and Armor Support couldn’t be deployed. The MK III, proved its usefulness, when the 108th Mechinzed Infantry Battallion – B Company “The Pit Dogs” used their ability to manuver the tight corridors of the mines to ambush and delay a vastly superior force until reinforcements arrived three days later. It recieved the moniker “Pit Dog”, in honor of the Pit Dog battallion that to this day exclusivly deploys in “Pit Dogs”.


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