Name: IFA Mk IV-AS “Storm Rider” Variant (Infantry Fighting Armor)

Class: Aerial Support Infantry

Size: Large (-1)

  • HP: 150
  • AC: 15
  • DR: 15
  • STR: 8

Armor: Dura Alloy

+8 Defense; -8 Armor Check Penelty; -10 Feet Speed Penalty


Modified Nuclear Power Core (+1 Equipment Slot)

  • Head: Oracle Targeting System Mk III (+3 to attack rolls)
  • Back: Cockpit
  • LArm: Barricade Tactical Shield (+8 Defense, 10 Fire Resistance)
  • RArm: T95 Cavaclade Chain Gun (7d6/20 60 ft range; 200 rds)
  • Shldr: Class IV Sensor System & Jet Assist Wings
  • Torso: Cockpit
  • Boots: Thruster Boots (100 ft fly speed, average)

The Mk IV-AS, was created quickly after the inception of the Mk IV, to help counter the problems with open and urban warfare. The former of the two, leaves the Mk IV’s highly vunrable to attacks from the air, the latter infantry deploying in high rise buildings with shoulder mounted HOBW’s and Anti-Armor weaponry. The AS variant was created as a means to engage the enemies air support, or to quickly ascend along buildings to directly counter hidden infantry. It also sees some deployment as a spotter unit for larger artillery bombardments from units further back.


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