Omega G "The Launcher"

A Gravity "Shotgun"

weapon (ranged)

Name: Omega G “The Launcher”

Primary Manufacture: Omega Firing Solutions

Damage/Critical/Type Special/20/Gravity
Range: 60ft

Rate of Fire: Single

Magazine: 12 Box

Size: Large


Special Qualities:

  • Gravity Pulse – A successful attack with this weapon imitates a ‘bullrush’ attempt. The strength check is equal to damage
  • Variable Dispersion(Three Stage Gravity) – Each round spent charging the weapon changes its output. The effects for each stack are cumulative and stack; but it uses twice the ammo as a regular charge weapon. 1st Stage the weapons damage increases by one die(4d6), 2nd Stage the weapon increases by one die(5d6) and at the Third Stage the weapon affects a 30ft Cone

Purchase DC18


The Omega G has been deemed ‘the shotgun for the modern age’ by the company that manufactures it. The Omega G while similar to a shotgun in operation, that being you have to pump the weapon to initiate the initial charge, and each subsequent charge of the weapons Variable Dispersion Unit.

The weapon is unique in being one of the few firearms to date to utilize localized gravity bubbles for its firing mechanism, but it still remains to see if “The Launcher”, as well as the rest of the Omega Series of firearms do well in the private or government sectors.

Omega G "The Launcher"

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