“In the future we were promised a world without war; that we would find the golden door of peace and that together, we would rise above our petty differences and hatred. Instead, we found that we were never truly alone in the galaxy.

More frighteningly, that despite all our differences with the myriad races that coexist in the galaxy, we find that we are all shockingly similar. We love, hate, fear, strive for greatness; and all too often we fall prey to our own petty differences.” ~ Andri Kolis ~ Illuminos Scholar

It is the start of the 28th Century and has been about seventy-five years since the founding of the Galactic Administration, the singular hope for a unified galaxy wide government. The heart of which is located on ‘Center Point Station’, the figurative, and literal, center of galactic commerce.

Numerous species have come under the Administrations authority, yet despite the relative stability the Administration provides; there will always be problems when alien cultures and ideology clash.

“Aliens; I guess their not just dumb, ugly bugs. Stupid Hollywood…” ~ Lt. Marshall Fields ~ Human Officer

With each sentient civilization added to the Administration its power and influence grows; but so to does the internal strife of bickering politicians looking to gain an edge over their allies. Though with any joint leadership project between the same species there is always rise to bickering from different opinion and religions; but begin to mix in alien ideology and designs, you begin a recipe for disaster.

Despite all the problems that plague the Administration internally; it still stands as a stable and functional entity that has come to master juggling the various needs and desires of each world that encompasses its membership. Yet… yet even with the control they have and the stability they have fought sixty years to achieve, there comes a threat from the darkest heart of space. Something unknown stirs in the endless sea of blackness that spans between the various planets.

“Space? Yes its very big… that’s the obvious part. The not so obvious part is that despite everything we have learned and all the systems we have colonized; there are infinite secrets we have yet to discover and never will. Things we were never meant to know.” ~ Representative Kasir Arvin ~ Thorion Councilor

Something is stirring in the darkness, something beyond the pencil pushing politicians, beyond the colonies, beyond the range of the fleets… farther still then the Incorporated Territories, and farther still then the Unincorporated Territories; somewhere in the greater Unknown Regions of space. Something has set its eyes on the Universe; setting in motion events with far reaching consequences, perhaps even for all the galaxies inhabitants?

“When I stand on the bridge of this starship and look out amongst the endless sea of stars, I see only the wonder and beauty that is God’s creation and gaze with such awe and amazement; yet when you look upon them you have no expression of amazement. You have the look of an old tiger sensing his end, even when no one else realizes it yet… it’s unsettling.” ~ 1st Fleet Admiral Damion Martin ~ Human Officer

Dark Tide