Galactic Civil Space


The region of space referred to as GCS refers to any region directly controlled by the Galactic Administration or any species that maintains an embassy on Center Point Station.

Officially it is divided into two sections designated by the presence of – or lack thereof – an Administration Comm Buoy; the Incorporated and Unincorporated Territories respectively. The Incorporated Territories are further, and unofficially divided, into two categories; the Inner and Outer Spheres.

The Unincorporated Territories consist of any area of space outside instant communication with an Administration Comm Buoy, meaning signals can take anywhere from minutes to days to reach the buoy to be processed and sent out. This region of space is further divided by a secondary area of space referred to as The Frontier. The Frontier is any location of space at least a fortnight outside the instant communication zone, and borders unexplored space.

Governing Body

GCS is a collection of individually controlled and monitored areas of space that follow a general standard code of laws – in addition to any laws set for each region based on established Galactic Sovereignty. In this way it creates an overlapping hierarchy of laws that typically follow this transition: Galactic Administration Law > Galactic Sovereignty > Regional Government > Territorial Law.

The actual governing body of the Galactic Administration is the “Administration Council”, and they have absolute oversight and jurisdiction for anything that crosses the borders between Galactic Soverignties.

Galactic Soverignties within GCS

Administration Council

Galactic Administration Members

Members Recognized by the Thorion Empire

Members Recognized by The Akal Dominion

Galactic Civil Space

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