United Earth Alliance Systems Commonwealth

The United Earth Alliance Systems Commonwealth (UEASC), is the collective government of every nation of Earth; though officially each country is still identified they have no autonomous governmental ability aside those set by the UEASC Leadership Board. The Leadership Board elects, and is headed by, the UEASC President. Elections are handled in the style of a democratic republic; with each of the 15 Major Districts of the Leadership Board receiving two votes and each of the 32 Minor Districts getting one vote each.

Officially the UEASC Leadership Board is the governing body of Earth and her colony worlds; but since the Martian Conflict’s conclusion the President and the Joint Systems Command (JSC) have been in direct control of the UEASC government and until the resolution of Martial Law the Leadership Board no longer has control of UEASC elections or governmental control.

Government Type: Democratic Republic (Suspended) – Acting Military Government

Leadership Titles: President, Vice-President


Notable Colonies:

Timeline of UEASC History

  • 2274
    1. OmniTech purchases the moons, and in one year constructs the largest fusion reactor in history inside its core; converts moon, surface and below, into the largest Industrial and Research Complex in history
  • 2275
    1. Formation of the UEASC
    2. First president of the UEASC is elected
  • 2277
    1. UEASC forms the JSC to assume all command and control operations for all branches of the military
    2. JSC officially assumes control of all fleets near earth orbit
    3. Global deployment of Mechanized Armored Battlesuits(Mecha)
  • 2286
    1. JSC gains control of all remaining fleet assets with the exception of the ADF and the MGF
    2. JSC seize control of the moon from OmniTech, and uses the already constructed fusion reactor converts the facility into a massive defensive installation or OSDP with city-sized particle beam cannons located on either of the ‘poles’
  • 2290
    1. The Major District of Balkan as well as several Minor Districts petition that the UEASC, and more importantly the JSC
  • 2318 AD
    1. Formation of the PFBS
    2. Start of the Balkan Revolution
    3. First conflict between MAB
    4. Concerned citizens form the terrorist organization “Axiom”
    5. Destruction of rogue terrorist organization “Axiom”
  • 2320 AD
    1. Initial Disarmament of PFBS
    2. Official end of the Balkan Conflict
  • 2390 AD
    1. Over industrilization of Earth threatens mass extinction of plant and animal life
    2. The terrorist organization “Axiom” rises again, claiming the truth of the Balkan Conflict must be heard
  • 2400 AD
    1. JSC MCI agents, arrest a number of high ranking “Axiom” personal
    2. MCI agents recalled from the Axiom investigation for ‘crime suppression’ activity amongst Earths colonies
    3. UEASC launches a multibillion ‘Orbital Research Station’, and spends additonal untold billions on a secretive global project linked to the station
  • 2401 AD
    1. Rising political tension results in the colony of Mars to declare itself free of UEASC control
    2. Martian Uprising begins
  • 2403
    1. First major battle of the Martian Uprising ends with the UEASC holding victory
  • 2404
    1. Mars launches operation ‘Sleeping Dragon’, and infiltrates specially trained commando forces, known as the Red Talon, onto Earth to incite uprisings and sabotage major UEASC facilities
    2. Earths 3rd Fleet severely damaged by Martian Commandos
  • 2405
    1. UEASC finishes Operation Moonbeam, as the second OSDP comes online, giving Earth constant 24hr protection from any fleet based attack
  • 2406
    1. Martian Conflict comes to a stalemate as the JSC is forced to hunt out and exterminate Martian Commandos
  • 2408
    1. Approx: Half of all plants and animal species on earth are now extinct
    2. UEASC renews campaign against the newly announced Martian Republic
    3. Final great space battle of the Martian Conflict ends with the UEASC holding victory over the remaining Martian Fleets
    4. UEASC releases the Colonial Holdings Directive; stating that any colony (Mars) refusing to submit to UEASC control will face severe sanctions
    5. UEASC spies discover the Martians ‘Exodus’ plan; an attempt to relocate the entire population of mars via a series of secretly builds colony ships, outside UEASC territory and control
  • 2409
    1. UEASC issues the Martian Directive, stating any attempt by Mars to leave UEASC territory or the newly forming fleet blockade would be met with deadly force
    2. UEASC constructs massive atmosphere processing stations in preperation for the day with no naturally occuring oxygen
  • 2410
    1. Mars launches Operation ‘Lost Home’, and destabilizes the orbit of Mars; sending it on a collision course with Earth
    2. JSC recalls all military assets away from the Martian Directive to intercept Mars during Operation ‘Angel Tears’
    3. Operation Angel Tears utilize both OSDP to maintain a sustained volley of fire on Mars, until eventually breaking the planet into smaller pieces
    4. The combined fire of all UEASC Fleets and the OSDP’s manages to break the majority of the planet into small enough pieces that they harmlessly burn up in the atmosphere, or are intercepted by the UEASC fleet; using a vessels shields and armored halls to safeguard earth
    5. ‘Escaped’ planetary mass; those that could neither be reduced sufficiently nor successfully intercepted begin to rain down on Earth, and near orbit colonies.
    6. Emergency Martial Law declared for Earth and all near orbit colonies
  • 2411
    1. Final tally of those killed by the planet drop is deemed to severe and becomes classified; UEASC goes on only to say that half of the population of Earth and her near-orbit colonies has been lost.
    2. JSC declares all military and fleet assets fall under JSC authority for the duration of Martial Law; the ADF, after both legal and illegal political and military pressure dissolves its autonomous operations, giving complete control of all military assets under the control of the UEASC JSC.
    3. Mars colony ships offically lost from long range scans
    4. Inital interception of rogue martian transmissions
  • 2412
    1. Mass extinctions result from the planet drop and severe over industrilization of the planet
    2. Last known plant is consumed as food by the last known animal; an elephent named Tootsie
    3. Tootsie passes away, leaving earth devoid of all plant and animal life
  • 2415
    1. Last intercepted transmission from the Martian fleet is obtained; once decoded it reveals the Martian Republic established aboard the fleet has dissolved
    2. Offical completion of the global science operation for still undetermined purpose
  • 2500
    1. Civilians report scattered sightings of naturally growing grass in remote areas of the planet
    2. UEASC begins to funnel undisclosed amount of funds to the Orbital Research Station
  • 2523
    1. A little girl in Virginia reports seeing wildflowers on a hill; a little boy in Kenya reports seeing Zebra
  • 2525
    1. UEASC reveals, and declares a success, the mission of the Orbital Research Station; to establish a viable population of plants and animals through cloning
    2. UEASC reveals offical designation of the Orbital Research Station – The Ark, to a cheering populace
  • 2550
    1. The complete population of plants and animals are reestablished on Earth, including sea life
    2. The Ark’s computer system orders a complete evacuation of the station; save for a dozen scientists
    3. The Ark fires it’s Orbital Correction thrusters with enough force to push the station out of Earth’s orbit; inital attempts to make contact and override the station fail
  • 2552
    1. The Ark exits transmission range and is offically lost; all attempts to locate it fail
  • 2567
    1. Unknown mass exits an artifical jump space in near earth orbit
    2. Inital analysis of the mass indicates its biological; at this time the ‘alien’ destroys the UEASC Ishimura, a state of the art research vessal
    3. UEASC launches a fleet born assault on the hostile entity and succeed in driving it out of earth orbit
    4. UEASC deploys the 6th Fleet to pursue and destroy the creature to prevent it from returning
    5. The 6th fleet pursues the creature out of the solar system, meaning only long ranged communications that take days to reach their destination are able to reaching the 6th Fleet or JSC
  • 2570
    1. Final transmission is recieved from the 6th Fleet; informing the JSC that they have chosen to pursue the creature into the vast unknown of space
    2. 6th Fleet is offically listed as MIA
  • 2600
    1. Alien species discovered being held captive on earth by OmniTech, later identified as a “Thorion” officer.
    2. Thorion’s make offical contact with UEASC Government
  • 2620
    1. Thorion influence and UEASC MAB Technologies gain Earth an embassy on Center Point Station
  • 2640
    1. A 9th Fleet scout encounters a rogue transmission demanding the ship turn back or it will be fired upon; transmission is identified later to have come from the missing 6th Fleet
  • 2700
    1. UEASC‘s JSC designates the retiring 5th Fleet Commander Thomas Horne as the UEASC’s acting president
  • 2701
    1. Present Day

United Earth Alliance Systems Commonwealth

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