Nova Systems

Nova Systems was founded as a joint venture between the Earth based Armor Corporation, and the Thorion Empire’s Royal Shipyards. After officially opening to the public and private sectors, the newly founded subsidiary Nova Systems quickly rose to being the premier ship construction company, quickly securing numerous lucrative UEASC and Administration contracts.

Nova Systems success has been in large part do to the already stellar reputation of the Armor Corporation for manufacturing high quality ship/mecha armor as well as the internal framework for a ships hull. Despite earlier attempts by the Armor Corporation to get into complete ship manufacturing, all of which failed due to the inability to meet production demands from having to assemble an entire Starship on top of having to meet their contractual obligations for maintaining a high level of armor and system component production, Nova Systems has proven to be one of its most successful and profitable ventures; thanks in no small part to the incredible manufacturing capabilities of the Royal Shipyards.

Nova Systems is also unique in that it is the Thorion Empire’s first real attempt at a private non-government run business, as well as their first inter species joint venture NOT with the GA. It is this combination of Human and Thorion knowledge and ability that has allowed Nova Systems to rise to the top of the fleet building market.

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Nova Systems

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